Thursday, December 15, 2011

20 Second Reading - Reality on TV

I like this concept of writing blogs which readers can read in or less than 20 seconds. This is a complete inspiration from Paulo Coelho's blog posts - 20 second stories
So, now to polish my concise writing skills, I am going to write posts out here that you can read in max 20 seconds.
To start with, my today's post is about kitch on TV. Do you know what is the most favorite or probably most watched TV show format? It is Reality television. I always remember my professor - Mr. Samar Nakhate, you used to scream at us (literally) when we spoke about reality shows that are entirely fabricated. They have to be, I have enough faith in our TV actors that they have some sense which they lose completely in big boss. Why would I want the life of my sister and I splashed across the TV, with all our sibling rivalry spread open in front of the viewers?

I would consider reality TV shows equivalent to kitch. They are attractive, blingy, but 2 years down the line, you cannot remember either of the sister no matter what!