Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My plants

I have a small terrace in my apartment which currently serves as a home for all my plants. I love to have a few plants around me, even in my office; (I just have a chinese bamboo on my desk and I want to add more :)). The plant I am most proud of right now is the Basil. I had got basil leaves for cooking and when I hosted an all girls party, I put (shevanti) and basil leaves in a small glass just for decor. It lasted fresh and blooming till one week and when I started removing it, I realised that the basil leaves have got roots. Without wasting a minute, I planted the small sprig of basil and today (after two-three weeks) I am happy to say that it is growing :)

I am still researching so do not know if it will really bloom and become a plant, but that's what I am hoping for. This will also be the start of my kitchen garden, where I plan to plant tomatoes and chillies as well.

Here's a look of my basil plant and all other plants in my गार्डेन