Friday, December 16, 2011

Planning a Holiday

Inspired by my "all-gals" trip to Goa, we cousins (3 cousin sisters and one sister-in-law who is as good as a sister) have planned an "all-gals" trip to Mahableshwar. Each one of us is looking forward to the trip for various reasons, such as-

Shilpa: A break from being a full-time mother :) and looking forward to the spa
Shweta: Eating strawberries, break from work and looking forward to the spa
Radhika: Spending time with beloved sisters and forward to the spa
Sucheta: Break from work, home, eat parsi food and looking forward to the spa

To sum up, you might now be aware that we are "spa" people :)

Oh and how can I mention the single most important thing - shopping for chappals :)

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