Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Living out of a suitcase...for noble reasons!

From the last week of November to the last week of December, I have been living out of a suitcase and all for attending the weddings of one best friend after another.

First my friend Pankaj married his love Sonal. Then it was my best friend, Shweta got married to another Pankaj (don't get me started on how many friends of mine share the same names...I have two shweta's, two Pankaj's and two Nikhil's...whew!) and now my another best friend Mandar married the love of his life- Trupti and I have been travelling to and fro for more than a month now.

My mom says I am lucky 6 of my friends decided to marry each other, so instead of attending 6 different weddings, I am only attending three. After a month of travelling the same road, I am surely grateful for all these guys who saved me 3 more trips to Nashik. Not that I mind going back to my home every now and then, but you have to admit that these roads are a killer.

Which brings me to a sad incident that occurred last week. Two Marathi television actors were killed in a road accident on the same road that we take. It's not so shocking as accidents do happen on that road. It's just the fact that I was gonna take the same road that evening is what spooked me!

Talking of spooking. Have you ever had an out-of-the-world spooky experience? I haven't had one either, I was just wondering if there are any interesting things happening as the world is coming to an end.

PS: This post was written before we all realized that the world in indeed not gonna end so soon.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My best friend's wedding

This is an essay on the topic: My Best Friend - Shweta

My best friend's name is Shweta. I met her in college, when I met a lot of people who stayed on with me for life. Shweta is one of those. We belong to a group of people who are together for more than 10 years now and still solid as a rock for each other. But, that's not what I wanna write about.

I want to talk about Shweta, or Tevta, as I call her. I don't know where to start from. I don't remember the day I met her in college, I am not like that. What I do remember is from day 1, Shweta and I were inseparable. We were a bunch of teens back then, silly, crazy and a little weird. We have had our share of fights too. I was too outspoken for my own good, and she was too tolerant for hers. There was a time when we were not even speaking for almost 6-7 months. I don't want to remember the time, however I know that we were always meant to be together.

Even today, I can sense her mood from the tone of her voice. I am her support system and she is mine. I go to her with my problems and she advises me. She was most understanding when I couldn't give her time after I got married. Needless to say, we survived due to endless long phone conversations.

We like spending time with each other. We do things for each other. I am her mom's favorite and my mom adores her. She was the first one to see Ira in the hospital. Even before I laid my eyes on my bundle of joy. She knows when I am going to cry and tells me to stop immediately. She is afraid of cows. I can't even remember the number of times she has cried because we "accidently" put her close to a cow. She is as fond of eating as I am. We used to constantly spend our pocket money on eating out. She still picks me and drops me whenever I go to Nashik, without complaining once.

Why am I remembering all this today? Shweta is getting married next week. She is getting married to a wonderful guy, from our own group and is on her way to marital bliss. I couldn't have been more happy. And yet, somehow the feeling of losing one's best friend is not going away. I know I won't really lose her. She will be in the same city, I will be able to meet her and talk to here often. It's just that a lot of things change.

This is not a sob story. I have seen Shweta struggle for happiness. I am overwhelmed with joy at her getting married to Pankaj. I have no words of wisdom for her. She was the wise one, always. She knows how to perfectly deal with everything. She has patience, which I have not. Her wisdom is natural, mine is hard-earned. She is gentle and I am rude and harsh. She is a comfort blanket and I am a constantly erupting volcano. We are exact opposites in some cases and yet mind readers when it comes to each other.

I will miss my best friend. I will miss my soul mate :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


"The places where you were the happiest are your favorite places after all" ~ Unknown

After a long time I went to my home town and stayed at my mom's place for 4 days. I go there often but I rarely stay so long. This time, I not only stayed for 4 days, I slept, ate and literally spent time alone in the house after so long. It surely opened a box of memories.

We moved in that place when I was 6 years old and I moved out when I was almost 25. I spent more that 20 blissful years in that house. I always tell my mother that even if I meet her often, I crave to stay and meet the house. It's a place where I have been most happy. 

It's a place where I started my school. It's a place where my friends would come over to play. It's a place where I and my sister used to fight over small things. It's a place where the bedroom was always occupied by my sister and granny so much so that even when both of them are not around, I and my mom still sleep in the hall. The hall was 'our' territory. Over the years, so many things changed in that house, the color of the rooms, the furniture, the people living in the house but the warmth is still there.

I love my home. I love to be alone at home. I never feel lonely when I am at my home. I am always at peace when I am at my mom's home. We have had an awesome childhood in that home. My home was closest to my college. A working mother ensured that the house was empty from 10-6 everyday and so my house was the first place we would hang out after college. We have had many fights, discussions, debates, and random weird activities in the house. 

It's a place where my darling little niece is born. It's a place from where I got married. It's a place where my kids will be born someday and like Ira, I hope they also look forward to visiting the home every vacation. 

Some places are always special to us. My home is one such place where I am the happiest person of all.

Sunday, September 30, 2012


I started riding my bike again! Woohoo! My bike means freedom to me. My bike means I no longer will rely on Deven for a pick and drop. My bike means I don't have to deal with rude rickshawallas again. My bike means I can decide when to go and come from office. When to meet friends, where to meet them and when to come home. I am free!
My bike also means I won't have the amazing ride in the morning with deven driving our car and we having a good time. My bike means no more impromptu visits anywhere, anywhere where there is no decent parking spot. My bike means remembering one ways on the roads, getting PUC on time, filling petrol in a crowd, manoeuvring through pune's traffic and even more scarier drivers.
My bike, my freedom?

Sunday, September 9, 2012


I forgot to take my house keys with me when I left for a training early morning yesterday. My dear husband went on a trek and came home back at 1230 in the night (Oh! but that is another story). So here I was, at 5 PM in the evening, without the keys, without the husband who has another set and all stranded outside my own house.
I just remembered a lot of things. I remembered when I was a child, one of my friend had lost her house keys and then they finally had to break down the lock. I remembered when we had a lock that belonged to the last century, which was made of stone and yet one day, when the robber broke into my mom's house, it might not have taken him more than 10 minutes to break the lock. We didn't have the latch system only because my mother was worried that one of us (me and my sister and even my mom) would accidentally lock ourselves out when we are just hanging around at the neighbor's house (not without any justification, because there were frequent cases of the door getting shut due to wind when somebody is standing outside the door, chatting with folks around).
I remembered how as teens, we believed we had the keys to the locks of someone special's heart. I believed I knew somebody in and out only to be mistaken soon. I remember the cliches around keys, and how the key to success is blah, blah, and, blah. I remember keys playing an important part when I wanted to attract a small baby towards me - kids like shiny, ringing things.
If you were wondering if that's what I did till my husband came home, stranded outside my house - well, you don't know me then. Instead of panicking, I realized we have a spare key with the house maid, whom I contacted immediately and got hold of the keys from her graciously.

I solved a problem, but I did not see the lock of my memories broken without the need of any key.

Friday, September 7, 2012


Four sessions down the line, a few sprained legs and twisted lower back pain later, I have started appreciating Zumba. 

Those who know me well, know one thing really well - I am not an "exercise" person. I was always a reluctant player in sports, I was never an enthusiast about going to the gym and no so fond of any outdoor activity which makes one strain themselves physically. Oh no, don't think I am one of the geeks, I am not, I am just plain and simple lazy about doing any form of exercise. Well, till the time I did my first Zumba class.

Man, ain't that fun? Pardon the americanized speech, but to tell you the truth, Zumba is fun. My company has organized the sessions for us, in the office campus, between the work time (now you know why I love my company!). The trainers or young boys who resemble and move like modern day Prabhu Deva, teach a bunch of corporate how to move your body in Zumba style.

I love the way this kind of song-dance routine is considered as exercise. I love that we dance on songs that we know so that we can sing along and not actually feel that we are exercising. Needless to say, that is felt after the Zumba class :). I love the way we are looking at each other, laughing at each other's attempts at bending, stretching and zunba-ing in general. Apart from the obvious benefits of moving our body, we are having fun and making friends. 

I look forward to my Zumba class every week now :) 

My new resolution: Write more, talk less

The world bores you when you’re cool ~ "Calvin" Scott Adams
My very dear friend says I talk too much. My best friend says I talk too much. My husband says I talk too much. He also says I love when you talk so much (which, after two years of marriage I have seriously started to doubt). So, now my resolution is to write...not to much, just write. I have been away from the blog too long and now I have so many things to write about.

So this is what I am gonna do - take one word and build a post around it. I want to see if I can spin an entire story inspired by one word. 

I would also invite anyone, who wants to try it out on my blog. Pick up a word, write a blog of around 100-500 words or as much as you want it and send me. I will put it on my blog. 

I don't have a strong reason for doing this, I am just in a mood to experiment. :)

So let the fun begin!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


When I was a kid, for essay writing, I used to always write about rainy season as my favorite.  This is an essay on the same rain, maybe with a difference.

As a kid, rainy season was all about making paper boats, wearing raincoats with cartoons on it, playing in the rain when Mom wasn't around (Inni used to let me get drenched in the rains only on one condition - I wipe my head thoroughly after that).  I still remember walking back from school in rains, without wearing a raincoat, getting drenched to the core and getting a good scolding from my neighborhood aunty had scolded me (Yes, in those days your neighbor aunty could scold you as much as your parents and your mom wouldn't feel offended). Rainy season was a time for wet socks in the school; dripping roofs, which we did not mind at all; being wet all the time, and just the beginning of school. I used to love rain for all these reasons and many more. I don't remember everything but I do know, I loved playing in the rain more than any of my friends. I welcomed rain with more joy than anyone else.

Then came college. A rainy day meant bunked classes, impromptu treks. Fighting with a friend on an unused pipe, while the rain comes pouring in, holding hands on picnics, playing pranks on each other. Rain meant messy clothes, messy hair, but who cared. Rain meant going to Pandavleni (again!) and staying over at friend's place last minute. Rain meant the entire group hanging out, getting wet, and then going to a friend's place to dry clothes, rain meant using iron to dry clothes and hanging more strings in the house to dry clothes. Rain meant new opportunities to be with someone you liked. Rain meant bike trips, rain meant slipping on the road while walking. Rain meant separation from a loved one as he/she went for another course, another job away from home.

Ah! And today, a rainy day is for sitting in office with all these memories, getting headaches because of the AC and the closed environment. A rainy day is clicking photos from the phone, through the office window, and wishing I was outside.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

It is a beautiful Monday again

I have been away from this blog what with all the office work and home work (as if i really did clean my house!) and all. A very dear friend read my blog the other day and told me how she liked the fact that I give so much importance to very mundane events in my life when I blog. So this one if for you Mani.

I love Monday's. Monday is a day for a new beginning, a fresh start. I enjoy reaching office on Monday and being so lost for a minute that I need to go thru the pages of my diary on Monday. I love the fact that each monday I tend to forget something or the other while reaching office - my specs, my ID card, my lunch box and so on (today my wonderful husband reminded me of each of these things before stepping out of the home - I knew there was a divine cause when I married him!). I am very lazy on the weekends, which is one more reason why I am enthusiastic about Mondays. I look forward to meeting my colleagues for a cup of coffee - a refreshing start of the day. I invariably tend to do something new in my To-Do list.

So to start your Monday on a good note, here is a refreshing thought!

Monday, June 18, 2012

My new hobby: paper quilling earrings

I have picked up a new hobby and this time it resembles my choice in jewellery as well. I have a lot of earrings and love all sorts of jewellery. I had read about paper quilling some time back. I recently gifted my niece a paper quilling set for making dolls, and other shapes and toys. I bought one for myself and now today I made my tenth earring.
Sharing some of the pictures here.

White and Green

Fuschia Pink and Orange

Blue and Red

Orange and white

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Learning Food Photography

My first passion is food, so much so that I have an entire blog dedicated for my food passion. Naturally I used a lot of pictures for the blog. They are crude and amateur just like me. My cousin Mihir, who is a professional photographer himself is tortured to look at them and since he loves me enough to make me improve upon my skills, he suggested a book - Plate to Pixel. The outcome is that I have just purchased this book and eagerly awaiting its arrival.
I hope this helps my blog a little :) and who knows, this could be another hobby that I can mix with my first love - food. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Paying tributes

I am watching our listening to a tribute paid to Jagjit Singh on colours channel by his contemporaries and progenies alike. He was a man of melody no doubt. What I am struck with is how difficult is to sit in the audience and.listen to people talk, sing, praise and appriciate your husband who is no more. Glaring cameras who won't leave you for a minute and would give anything for a sign of tear? What it must be to be Chitra Singh right now!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Shopping

I have a shoe fascination that borders on obsession. Here's what I got today.

Shoe Shopping

PS: Not all are mine, I'll leave it up to ya to decide which ones are mine!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We got a bean bag

Laziness defined: bean bag. After a lot of searching and contemplating we finally got a bean bag.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Why do I blog?

Why do I blog? Why do I blog? Why do I blog?

Three questions, one answer - I love to write, I have easy access to internet and computer, I love to express myself and share my insights and opinions with my friends and maybe have a streak of self-exhibitionism, which makes me keep my blog open to general public :)

Internet allows me to quickly share my opinions, my photos, my life with all my loved ones and new people whom I do not know.

Now my turn - Why don't you blog?

Monday, January 30, 2012


As a rule, all my Monday morning blues disappear when I spend 10 minutes in office, reading mails and planning my day. Just in case, the start-of-the-week day blues start peeping their head post lunch time (yawn) I indulge in a little day dreaming.

There are several things that I can think of at such times such as -
  • Having a vacation in Goa with my better half (husband, in case anyone doesn't know I am married :P)
  • Thinking about what I can make for dinner ( After being a little lazy, food is my next big weakness). I can imagine all the goodies that I can make at home or even plan to go out and eat, and zap! 10-20 mins have gone by :). I am craving for fish today and wish I can eat simple fried fish today!
  • I can imagine myself having a good time in Nashik with my friends. 
  • I can also imagine working from home for the rest of the week and enjoying work at its own pace. 
Well these are some of the things that I can dream off...without even much needed winks of sleep.

Do you indulge in daydreaming? 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Can I run a successful business?

Well depends if I have the following:
Hard Work
Hard Work
Creative Imagination
Hard Work
Finance management skills
Hard Work
People management skills
Hard Work
Iron Will, Determination, Patience and all those admirable qualities
Hard Work

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My foray in the world of make up!

I love to do makeup! I am not great at it, especially since my daily regime consists only of a Kohl. Yet, inspired from our all girls trip to Mahableshwar, I decided to buy my first eyeshadow :). I am going to attend a couple of functions in the next few days and intend to sparkle for them a little bit :)

So I went and got a Chambor eye shadow in the shades of blue (as I would be wearing blue sarees for the functions) and here is an evidence of my first attempt :)

Any comments are welcome!
PS: Please ignore the overgrown eyebrows :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Silence on the blog - On Not Blogging

If anyone is ever wondering why I haven't written any new posts in the last few weeks, then I want to assure you that I am very much here and in a pink of my health. I am doing a couple of things lately, like starting a new group blog (more details will come soon), reading books, and work commitments; not that I have run out of topics to write :)
In fact, there are couple of things running in my head such as our All Girls Trip to Mahableshwar, my friends getting married, new Technical writing commitments that I have, a new blog that 2 of my friends and I have started on topics dear to us and so on....

So till then, this will be a short break until I resume blogging once more with more zest and rigour. :)

Thanks people.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Thought for the day: “-You can't just turn on creativity like a faucet

The complete quote is uttered by Calvin and it runs like this:

“You can't just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood. -What mood is that? -Last-minute panic.”

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On the other side of the grass

This is the only title that struck me after reading The girl like met.  This blog post by Madhusha, a blogger talks about a girl’s mentality when her parents want to find an ideal match for her! Many of my closest friends are going thru the same phase – parents asking if you are involved with anyone (heaving a sigh of relief when you say No),  and telling you that you are already 25 and now is the best time to settle down! (As if marriage really helps anyone settle down). 

We girls have almost the same reply –“I am not yet ready for a marriage” (this is irrespective of our age, where we work, whom we like etc. etc.)

If at all we agree to the match making process (or fiasco, or drama, or whatever), the next level of disagreements between us and our parents can be legendary. God forbid if ever our expectations of a life partner match with our parent’s dreams for our life – I am ready to lose anything on this! We disagree on almost everything, the boy’s looks, salary, lifestyle, hobbies and interests, the family, the family name, the place they stay, the city-town they live, their food habits and so on and on and on. After all the process (I do not want to go in details as everyone is thoroughly aware of it!) we finally find our dream partner! If luck is in your favor, you and your parents both like the guy – for maybe completely different reasons ;), yet you are now engaged! Whew…did I just describe the most tedious, longish, boring process? Well thank God, I didn’t go thru much of this and finally I am on the other side of the lawn – the married life side.

So now let me tell you exactly where I stand. I am married for the last 1.5 years and live with just my husband in Pune. I am a working woman, with my own career ambitions, aspirations and dreams. I entered married life with the same gullible eyes that any newly married bride imagines. Fortunately, I got a wonderful husband who knew what it was to live away from family. His understanding and patience were crucially required in the initial days. I was too dazed with all sorts of things that I was supposed to do – cook, clean, manage a house; make new relations, act, smile and talk after thinking twice; etc etc. Here I do want to thank god for giving me a life partner who understood my plight and helped me in almost everything I did. From managing my own cupboard to managing our house, his contribution is equal and important. Today, after a year and a half spending in marital bliss, I have a few observations, I won’t call it words of advice because I am not so old yet J, but maybe just lessons learnt in married life.
For all my girl friends who are confused and bewildered today, here are a few things that would make you look forward to marriage and commitment
  • · Respect your partner; that goes without saying, but what do I mean by respect. Even when you are having your meanest of fights, never hit below the belt. Some things cannot be forgiven no matter what!
  • Have patience
  • Make eye contact; seems silly, right? Trust me, talking looking in to each other’s eyes makes a big difference.
  • He also comes from a different world, is making adjustments as well – so try to understand him too sometimes – don’t just claim all the time that you have left your home, family, friends for him :P
  •  Don’t think marriage is an end of life. There are so many things you can enjoy as a couple. Having somebody with whom you can share every moment, every thought and expression can be one of the most wonderful things that can happen in your life.
  •  Express yourself. Talk it out. Never sleep without sorting a fight. It helps a lot when you resolve differences before going to sleep J
  • If you are living just the two of you, well and good, but even with a bog joint family, always keep some time special for both of you.
Phew! these are the things that are utmost important as per me to have a healthy relation after marriage. There are too many things that can be written on what works and what doesn’t. Each relation is unique and everyone has to decide what works best for them.

Start thinking like a couple and then you won’t feel afraid of commitment !

UPDATE: On more or less the same lines, one of my dear friends has written a blog, you may also read that one at Turning point.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Thought for the day: “God gave us two ears and one mouth, so we can hear twice as much as we speak”

New year, new week and a new idea of my take on the thoughts that I like.

Today's thought for the day is  “God gave us two ears and one mouth, so we can hear twice as much as we speak” :)

Maybe this is particularly applicable to me. I talk, talk, talk and talk all the time. This is only the case with people I really know and am comfortable with. I take some time to open up with a person. But once I am friends with someone, then no one can stop the blabberhead in me :).

In 2012, I should take this thought to my heart and actually start listening more. So many times it happens that we do not allow somebody in front of us to talk, express their views, thoughts, emotions, opinions etc. How happy and better will this world be if instead of talking all the way, we start listening to people. We listen to our spouse or kids, our mom, dad, our friends, relatives, even people around us.

Listening is healing they say. What more can we do for a grieving friend that to listen to his emotions. Give an ear to a lonely parent, ailing grand mother, or an exited 4 year old. The benefits of listening are emotional health (not just yours), inner peace and tranquility. I am sure we would also feel happy when we share someone's happiness; or calm when we help a disturbed friend relax just by being there with her and listening to her.

I hope this year I stay true to this line of wisdom and hear twice as much than I speak :)

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