Sunday, July 22, 2012

It is a beautiful Monday again

I have been away from this blog what with all the office work and home work (as if i really did clean my house!) and all. A very dear friend read my blog the other day and told me how she liked the fact that I give so much importance to very mundane events in my life when I blog. So this one if for you Mani.

I love Monday's. Monday is a day for a new beginning, a fresh start. I enjoy reaching office on Monday and being so lost for a minute that I need to go thru the pages of my diary on Monday. I love the fact that each monday I tend to forget something or the other while reaching office - my specs, my ID card, my lunch box and so on (today my wonderful husband reminded me of each of these things before stepping out of the home - I knew there was a divine cause when I married him!). I am very lazy on the weekends, which is one more reason why I am enthusiastic about Mondays. I look forward to meeting my colleagues for a cup of coffee - a refreshing start of the day. I invariably tend to do something new in my To-Do list.

So to start your Monday on a good note, here is a refreshing thought!

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