Tuesday, December 4, 2012


"The places where you were the happiest are your favorite places after all" ~ Unknown

After a long time I went to my home town and stayed at my mom's place for 4 days. I go there often but I rarely stay so long. This time, I not only stayed for 4 days, I slept, ate and literally spent time alone in the house after so long. It surely opened a box of memories.

We moved in that place when I was 6 years old and I moved out when I was almost 25. I spent more that 20 blissful years in that house. I always tell my mother that even if I meet her often, I crave to stay and meet the house. It's a place where I have been most happy. 

It's a place where I started my school. It's a place where my friends would come over to play. It's a place where I and my sister used to fight over small things. It's a place where the bedroom was always occupied by my sister and granny so much so that even when both of them are not around, I and my mom still sleep in the hall. The hall was 'our' territory. Over the years, so many things changed in that house, the color of the rooms, the furniture, the people living in the house but the warmth is still there.

I love my home. I love to be alone at home. I never feel lonely when I am at my home. I am always at peace when I am at my mom's home. We have had an awesome childhood in that home. My home was closest to my college. A working mother ensured that the house was empty from 10-6 everyday and so my house was the first place we would hang out after college. We have had many fights, discussions, debates, and random weird activities in the house. 

It's a place where my darling little niece is born. It's a place from where I got married. It's a place where my kids will be born someday and like Ira, I hope they also look forward to visiting the home every vacation. 

Some places are always special to us. My home is one such place where I am the happiest person of all.