Thursday, December 6, 2012

My best friend's wedding

This is an essay on the topic: My Best Friend - Shweta

My best friend's name is Shweta. I met her in college, when I met a lot of people who stayed on with me for life. Shweta is one of those. We belong to a group of people who are together for more than 10 years now and still solid as a rock for each other. But, that's not what I wanna write about.

I want to talk about Shweta, or Tevta, as I call her. I don't know where to start from. I don't remember the day I met her in college, I am not like that. What I do remember is from day 1, Shweta and I were inseparable. We were a bunch of teens back then, silly, crazy and a little weird. We have had our share of fights too. I was too outspoken for my own good, and she was too tolerant for hers. There was a time when we were not even speaking for almost 6-7 months. I don't want to remember the time, however I know that we were always meant to be together.

Even today, I can sense her mood from the tone of her voice. I am her support system and she is mine. I go to her with my problems and she advises me. She was most understanding when I couldn't give her time after I got married. Needless to say, we survived due to endless long phone conversations.

We like spending time with each other. We do things for each other. I am her mom's favorite and my mom adores her. She was the first one to see Ira in the hospital. Even before I laid my eyes on my bundle of joy. She knows when I am going to cry and tells me to stop immediately. She is afraid of cows. I can't even remember the number of times she has cried because we "accidently" put her close to a cow. She is as fond of eating as I am. We used to constantly spend our pocket money on eating out. She still picks me and drops me whenever I go to Nashik, without complaining once.

Why am I remembering all this today? Shweta is getting married next week. She is getting married to a wonderful guy, from our own group and is on her way to marital bliss. I couldn't have been more happy. And yet, somehow the feeling of losing one's best friend is not going away. I know I won't really lose her. She will be in the same city, I will be able to meet her and talk to here often. It's just that a lot of things change.

This is not a sob story. I have seen Shweta struggle for happiness. I am overwhelmed with joy at her getting married to Pankaj. I have no words of wisdom for her. She was the wise one, always. She knows how to perfectly deal with everything. She has patience, which I have not. Her wisdom is natural, mine is hard-earned. She is gentle and I am rude and harsh. She is a comfort blanket and I am a constantly erupting volcano. We are exact opposites in some cases and yet mind readers when it comes to each other.

I will miss my best friend. I will miss my soul mate :)