Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What lessons will I teach my son ~ a thought over what's going on in my world

There are a lot of debates over the recent Delhi rape case. Some blame the police, some blame the government, some blame the girl, and some blame our films, our culture, and our society. I am tired of the blame game. It's time for some serious action. We are all a bunch of professionals, yes, even a bus driver is a professional. We should have an action plan now.

I have an action plan of things that I will teach my son, and they are:
  1. Women are not objects. Neither are men. Treat everyone with the same respect.
  2. Women and Men are not equal. You cannot compare oranges and spinach. Each has it's own reason for existence. 
  3. There is no work which is meant to be done by only men or only women. If you think cooking is a woman's job, you haven't heard of Sanjeev Kapoor. If you think being delicate and graceful is a woman's forte, you haven't seen Kelucharan Mahapatra dance. If you think running a country is a man's job, you have never lived under Indira Gandhi's reign. If you think women can't fight for the country, you haven't been at the receiving end of the women's fight over the water pump. 
  4. Being educated does not mean you ignore the ills in the society. You are to be blamed if you simply watch women being troubled. 
  5. Being physically weak does not mean women can't hurt you more. Read the news where a women castrates her abusive husband and you will understand. 
  6. It's one thing to like a girl and propose her. It's another to force her to accept you. While the earlier is acceptable, the latter is punishable. 
  7. Do not blame a woman for your thoughts. If a mini skirt entices you, you can always look the other way. Never tell anyone what to wear. Women don't rape men who walk in their ganjis and shorts.