Sunday, May 12, 2013

And I got inked...

Last few days I haven't really been posting much to this blog. I was busy at work is just one excuse. I was not motivated to write. I was actually facing a writer's block and couldn't develop my two liner ideas into a full post.  Again this time, Mani asked me the reasons for my silence and her kind words motivated me to write again. And since we are talking about writing, I am gonna share my own experience of writing albeit on a different page, with a different pen.

I wanted a tattoo from a very long time.

This post is not about justifying the reasons why I wanted a tattoo. I wanted it and that was it. However, it was easier said than done. There were many hurdles, deciding the place on my body, the design, the pain, the permanence. I spoke to a lot of people who already had tattoos and discussed things with them. I took extremely long time in deciding upon a design because a tattoo is a permanent art on your body.

There are a lot of people who think about getting a tattoo and have a lot of questions. These are the questions I had and I will try and answer them after getting my first tattoo.

1. Does it hurt?
Yes, but it is bearable. They say everyone has a different threshold for tolerating pain. If you are the kind of a person who fears needles, then stay away from tattoos. The pain isn't great, the sound of the machine resembles to a drilling machine, I guess that's what scares half of the people. When I got mine, I refrained from looking at my hand, on which the artist was drawing and thus avoided half of the pain. I asked my husband, my sister, and my friends to be with me, talk to me and distract me from the pain. It worked :).
Make sure you tell the artist this is the first time you are getting a tattoo and he will give you frequent breaks, or go a bit slow. My artist also kept answering my horde of questions quite patiently.
If you feel nauseating, which I did, take a walk. Step a moment into the fresh air, do not go outside, but stand near a window. 
This helps!

2. What kind of design should I select?
One thing is for sure, tattoo is permanent and so select a design that you wouldn't mind seeing at the age of 65. It is a very personal choice of what you want the tattoo to say. My tattoo means a lot to me and that's also the reason why the direction of the flight of the birds is such that I can see it. 
For me, a tattoo is for my pleasure, if others admire it, good. So make sure you do not get a tattoo just for getting people to admire it. You are bearing the pain, you have every right to be pleased by your tattoo. 
If this is your first time, do not select an elaborate design. Go for simple ones. Use colors, and the outlining hurts more than filling a tattoo with color.  

3. Where should I do it on my body?
Again, a personal choice. I went by a simple logic - I wanted a tattoo on the part of my body which will not change drastically if I put on or lose a lot of weight. Hence, I chose a wrist.
Also, if it is your first tattoo and you have no idea how much it will pain so do it on a body part with a lot of flesh. Do not do your first tattoo on a bone. It hurts more, and it pains more even after you are done with the inking. 

4. After tattoo care? 
The artist wraps up your tattoo in a bandage. Remove it after an hour or two and the wash it with mild soap and using your fingers.
This much every website tells you.
What my artist told me is to apply coconut oil on my tattoo after every few hours. Rub just a few drops, enough to cure any itching. Do not immerse it in water or use too much of the ointment.
Basically, treat it like a wound and it will heal perfectly.
If you find any untoward reactions, immediately contact the artist. He will be able to guide you further.

In the end, I would like to share a graphic that summarizes the whole experience in one word!

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  1. Does it hurt?

    Sweetest pain...

    What design?

    Your faith and ideology

    Where on body?

    There where you won't get bored seeing it everyday...

    After tattoo care?

    Flaunt with care... Thankfully yours is placed decently.