Wednesday, July 25, 2012


When I was a kid, for essay writing, I used to always write about rainy season as my favorite.  This is an essay on the same rain, maybe with a difference.

As a kid, rainy season was all about making paper boats, wearing raincoats with cartoons on it, playing in the rain when Mom wasn't around (Inni used to let me get drenched in the rains only on one condition - I wipe my head thoroughly after that).  I still remember walking back from school in rains, without wearing a raincoat, getting drenched to the core and getting a good scolding from my neighborhood aunty had scolded me (Yes, in those days your neighbor aunty could scold you as much as your parents and your mom wouldn't feel offended). Rainy season was a time for wet socks in the school; dripping roofs, which we did not mind at all; being wet all the time, and just the beginning of school. I used to love rain for all these reasons and many more. I don't remember everything but I do know, I loved playing in the rain more than any of my friends. I welcomed rain with more joy than anyone else.

Then came college. A rainy day meant bunked classes, impromptu treks. Fighting with a friend on an unused pipe, while the rain comes pouring in, holding hands on picnics, playing pranks on each other. Rain meant messy clothes, messy hair, but who cared. Rain meant going to Pandavleni (again!) and staying over at friend's place last minute. Rain meant the entire group hanging out, getting wet, and then going to a friend's place to dry clothes, rain meant using iron to dry clothes and hanging more strings in the house to dry clothes. Rain meant new opportunities to be with someone you liked. Rain meant bike trips, rain meant slipping on the road while walking. Rain meant separation from a loved one as he/she went for another course, another job away from home.

Ah! And today, a rainy day is for sitting in office with all these memories, getting headaches because of the AC and the closed environment. A rainy day is clicking photos from the phone, through the office window, and wishing I was outside.