Thursday, January 24, 2013


I have a wonderful group of college friends. We are together for more than 10 years and I love these people. We fight, we yell, we laugh, we even sometimes cry together. We are there for each other. We may not be able to attend someone’s wedding, we may not be able to go and see the first baby in the group, but we are there. Just a phone call away.

Today morning I and another friend of mine we were talking about how it’s been a long long time since we went on a trek. And the very mention of the work trek opened a box of memories. This poem is an outcome of those nostalgic moments.

तुझ्या अंगावर शहारा 
माझ्या डोळ्यात पाणी 
अशा कशा ह्या कॉलेजच्या आठवणी...

माझ्या मनात उठले आठवणींचे पूर 
तुला गवसले कवितांचे सूर 
त्या सुरांमध्ये गोड वेड्या आठवणी 
ज्या दाटल्या कितीवार्षांपासून आपल्या मनी...   

दोन वेड्या मित्र-मैत्रिणीने रचलेली कविता  – Ranjit Ahire and Shweta Hardikar

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