Thursday, January 31, 2013

Herb and vegetable garden in containers

It is my dream to have a kitchen herb garden and a vegetable garden of my own since ages. I don't live in a bunglow so I don't have a space to create a garden of my own choice. We have a terrace garden and it houses plants like Palm, Tulsi, White chrysanthemum, and some flowers.

Then I came across this blog Geek Gardener, by a person in India who writes about growing gardens in pots and containers, that too on the terrace. I was thrilled! He has written about almost everything that I ever wanted to plant. There are cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, coriander, chillies, eggplants and so on. He was a vast experience in  growing plants. What encouraged me more is that since he is located in Bangalore, he writes about Indian seasons, plants, sowing time, seeds and all. It will be much easier to find the required tools and seeds that he mentions.

So, after wondering a lot, I finally sowed my first plant - Coriander, yesterday. Now begins the wait for the germination and the actual plat. I am so exited. If this plant grows the way it is written in the blog, I will move on to the next plants such as mint, basil, and eventually may even try bigger plants such as tomatoes. I am crazy for tomatoes and I would be on seventh heaven the day I pluck a ripe tomato from my own garden.

I feel so anxious and impatient. Eager and exited...let's see what happens in a couple of days.

Here's a snapshot of my terrace garden.


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