Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I can spend hours listening to each of the track in the album by Taufiq Quereshi - Rhydhun.

It's been years since I was introduced to a complete different genre of music by Taufiq Qureshi. I am not someone who has studies music, neither am I a big fan of classical music. However, Rhydhun is beyond classical, it's mystical. It speaks the language of rhythm.

Taufiq Qureshi belongs to a legendary family, with a father like Ustad Allarkha, and a brother like Ustad Zakir Hussain, it is not easy to retain your individuality. However, he not only retains his individuality, but creates a different genre of music.

His music has no barriers of language, country, region or religion. You are definitely transported to another magical world when you hear the sounds and rhythm.

My favorite track in the album is Nand. It has soft and beautiful music and enthralling vocals by Geetika Varde - Taufiq Qureshi's wife. Her voice is too beautiful to be called haunting, but I am lost for words now. I have tried scouring the internet and music cafes for more vocals by Geetika Varde. That she should only sing for Taufiq makes her voice even more precious.

If you have ever seen Taufiq Qureshi perform live, in front of hundreds and thousands, you will notice that he is an out-an-out entertainer. He does bit's and pieces of percussion in between just to entertain you. His train music emitted only out of a tabla is legendary. Conducting a live performance that comprises only rhythm based music is not an easy task. But with Taufiq and team, two hours seem so less.

I have not attended a program in a long time and now yearn to listen to new music by a legend in itself.