Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My blogging family

I don't remember whether it was me or my elder sister who first started writing a blog! So I wont take complete credit for being an inspiration for people in my family to start their own blog :)
I, my sister Shilpa and Hemant already write blogs. Shilpa is an avid and new quilter (if that is indeed a word), hemant is an out-an-out foodie, like me and he writes about his experiments in the kitchen.
My friend Ishani also has her blog, Moments of Life, which is a sheer pleasure to read! She writes in a very straight and lucid manner. I loved her recent post - Au revoir 2011; a cool way of saying goodbye to the year 2011 :)
We have a new addition on the blogosphere with Sayali, my cousin starting her own blog - My world today! She is a new blogger and her blog is sure gonna be interesting to read!
So here we are, a big blogging family :)