Monday, December 19, 2011

Work at home experience #1

Today is the first day that I am seriously working from home and I like it :)

I started checking my mails at 8 AM and decided the priorities for the day.
Worked till 10:30 AM, then had a bath, got ready, chatted with my mom-in-law for sometime.
It was 11 AM, got dressed up, went to attend a wedding.
Came home by 2, got on the machine, work resumed!
A tea break at 4, lasted for half n hr, but man was that needed!
Got back to the machine, listened to Mariah Carey's All I want for Christmas to put me in the Christmas season, resumed work.
Read three blog posts on topics ranging from technical writers in agile environment, games users take on user manuals etc.
Watched Meher Malik's belly dance video suggested by a friend, what was that huh! :P
It's 7 PM and I finally wrap up for the day.

Wish I could work from home everyday :)...well not really, I need to interact with others once in a while for getting charged up for new assignments :). But, I would have to agree, it does feel good, to work so undisturbed and in peace :)

PS: I got a leeway today as I had to attend a function. My organization does support, but not encourage working from home everyday.