Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My first day on Independence – Kindof!

I drove my pleasure to office today (albeit Deven sitting behind me). I have such an immense pride and pleasure to announce that I drove on my own to the office. I didn’t knock anyone on the roads, followed all the rules, swore only little, was afraid even less than that and yes I did reach office in 20-25 minutes.

To top it all, I met 2 friends, Kunal and Pankaj accidentally just at my office entrance. They had come to meet me J . This was the best thing that could have happened today, a surprise that put a smile on my face all day long J

As if even this was less, Deven (my dear husband)said I drive much better than what he had expected J

So, cheers to my independence and booo to all rickshawallas (OK, maybe not all, I have met a few who were extremely helpful too, so yayyyy for them :)